Scottish Charity Trustee
Charity Trustee Training
Upskilling Door Supervisors
Upskilling SIA DOOR
NVQ Level 2 Beauty
Management & Leadership training course
E Learning
Health & Safety E Learning Training Course
Food Safety Retail
Food Safety in Retail Level 2 (QCF)
Food Safety Catering
Food Safety in Catering Level 2 (QCF)
Health & Safety
Health & Safety Training Ofqual Accredited Award
LGV Training Dundee with ILA Training Scotland. CPD
Forklift Training Dundee with ILA Training Scotland. CPD
HGV Training Dundee with ILA Training Scotland. CPD
CPC Training Dundee with ILA Training Scotland. CPD
REHIS Food Hygiene
Scottish Certificate from REHIS in Food Safety & Hygiene
Closed Protection
Close Protection Level 3 Accredited Certificate
PRINCE2 Training Course
Conflict Management
Conflict Management to resolve interpersonal problems at work
Physical Intervention
The Physical Intervention Training covers work place violence
Food Hygiene & Safety
Food Hygiene & Safety Training Course
First Aid Requalification
First aiders whose certificates have expired over 28 Days
Paediatric First Aid
This course is for people working with younger children
Anaphylaxis First Aid
Anaphylaxis First Aid Anapen® and EpiPen®
Defibrillator & CPR Training
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Defibrillator Training
Fire Warden Training
Fire Warden Training Course
Fire Awareness Course
Fire Awareness Training Course
Emergency First Aid At Work HSE
Emergency First Aid At Work - Health and Safety Executive
First Aid At Work Refresher
HSE Approved Course
Preparing to Teach in Life Long Learning Sector
CCTV Operator Training
BTEC Level 2 Award in CCTV Operations
Security Guard Training
BTEC Level 2 Award in Security Guarding
SCPLH Training
Scottish Certificate For Personal Licence Holder
First Aid At Work
HSE Approved First Aid Training Courses
Door Supervisor Training
BTEC Level 2 Award In Door Supervision

Terms and Conditions T & C

ILA accepts firm bookings through the website, by post and fax. In making such bookings clients accept this Bookings and Cancellations Policy.

Course fees are payable in full after a provisional booking has been made. A provisional booking is a booking made online or offline including the acceptance of ILA booking policy. An invoice will be raised for every online and offline provisional booking made. An invoice sent to a business can be paid by debit card, credit card, cheque or BACS. If a provisional booking is made in the name of an individual and not a business then payment is taken over the telephone by debit or credit card after the provisional booking has been made. A business paying by cheque or BACS should return payment in full after the provisional booking has been made. Places on courses and dates requested can not be confirmed or guaranteed until full payment has been received.
Please note: Credit card payments will incurr a 2.5% charge Amex 3%. Debit card payments will not incurr any additional charges.

The acceptance of a purchase order number is entirely at the discretion of ILA. In the event ILA agree to accept a purchase order number instead of payment in advance of the course this will confirm your place(s) on the course and therefore standard cancellation terms will apply. In the event ILA will not accept a purchase order, full payment is required to confirm a place on a course.

All cancellations must be made in writing prior to the commencement date of a course. Course cancellations made after a course has been paid for or confirmed by purchase order will be subject to a minimum administration fee of 30%. Where courses are cancelled between 27 and 14 days prior to course commencement a 50% fee will apply.  In the event of non-attendance or course cancellations received less than 14 days prior to course commencement date: full fees will be charged.
It is the responsibility of the client to confirm the arrival of a cancellation letter or fax. In the event that ILA do not receive a letter or fax of cancellation giving the required notice then full course fees will be charged.

Notification is required in all instances and must be in writing. Where notice is received 28 days or more prior to course commencement date a 10% transfer fee will apply. Where notification is received between 27 and 14 days prior to course commencement a 25% transfer fee will apply. Where notice is received fewer than 14 days prior to course commencement full fees are payable.

If clients fail to adhere to our policy then the client will be liable to make full payment of fees due. ILA reserves the right to cancel or change course dates or venues at any time without liability. In these circumstances we will offer at our discretion alternative options, a credit note or a refund of fees paid. ILA reserves the right to refuse any booking.

ILA will not be held responsible for any financial loss incurred by a client relating to travel and hotel reservations or any other associated costs. Hotels and other accommodation is booked by the client at the clients own risk. If a training course is cancelled at short notice or a course venue is changed resulting in costs being incurred by the client ILA will not be held liable.

E Learning courses are paid for in advance. Payment can be made over the telephone by debit or credit card (card charges will apply as specified above), cheque or BACS transfer. ILA are unable to offer a refund after an E Learning course has been booked and paid for due to software licensing and examining body costs incurred after the booking has been made.


You will not hold us responsible for any loss you may incur as a result of other users' members of our Forum' members' actions or inactions, including, without limitation, quotations they submit and feedback they leave. You acknowledge that we are not a supplier of goods and services other than our websites. Ila training website and tools are a means to allow anyone to request and use quotations, offer, sell and buy a service of education in a variety of pricing formats and locations.  At no point do we have possession of anything quoted or sold through our websites, services and tools.

We do not review users listings or content ' Forum and are not involved in the actual purchase contract between buyers and sellers. Ila have no control over and do not guarantee the quality , safety, or legality of goods and services quoted,the truth or accuracy of quotations, the truth or accuracy of feedback or of other content posted by users on our websites, forum, the liability or willingness of suppliers to sell items, the ability or willingness of institutions buyers to pay for items or that Institution or supplier will actually complete a purchase agreement, contract or return an item. Ila Training cannot and confirm cannot be held responsible and is not our responsibility to ensure, the accuracy or truthfulness of users' forum purported identities or the validity of the information which they provide to us or post on our sites.

Ila Training a simple T & C

Ila always has been focused on customer service and it feels that having feedback is very important to other possible customers who are not sure of Ila Training.

It is good to be transparent as possible as this way our customers know what they are dealing with.

Our terms are fairly standard and focus on our forums mainly because we do not know who or what will be requested to be added and this changes daily.  Comments made by forum and subscription users are not to be held responsibility of Ila and we do not have control over such photo illustrations and comments. If any customer comes across any concerns  then please contact one of our members of our support team and we will deal with that particular user accordingly to our rules and regulations.

Ila Team


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