Scottish Charity Trustee
Charity Trustee Training
Upskilling Door Supervisors
Upskilling SIA DOOR
NVQ Level 2 Beauty
Management & Leadership training course
E Learning
Health & Safety E Learning Training Course
Food Safety Retail
Food Safety in Retail Level 2 (QCF)
Food Safety Catering
Food Safety in Catering Level 2 (QCF)
Health & Safety
Health & Safety Training Ofqual Accredited Award
LGV Training Dundee with ILA Training Scotland. CPD
Forklift Training Dundee with ILA Training Scotland. CPD
HGV Training Dundee with ILA Training Scotland. CPD
CPC Training Dundee with ILA Training Scotland. CPD
REHIS Food Hygiene
Scottish Certificate from REHIS in Food Safety & Hygiene
Closed Protection
Close Protection Level 3 Accredited Certificate
PRINCE2 Training Course
Conflict Management
Conflict Management to resolve interpersonal problems at work
Physical Intervention
The Physical Intervention Training covers work place violence
Food Hygiene & Safety
Food Hygiene & Safety Training Course
First Aid Requalification
First aiders whose certificates have expired over 28 Days
Paediatric First Aid
This course is for people working with younger children
Anaphylaxis First Aid
Anaphylaxis First Aid Anapen® and EpiPen®
Defibrillator & CPR Training
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Defibrillator Training
Fire Warden Training
Fire Warden Training Course
Fire Awareness Course
Fire Awareness Training Course
Emergency First Aid At Work HSE
Emergency First Aid At Work - Health and Safety Executive
First Aid At Work Refresher
HSE Approved Course
Preparing to Teach in Life Long Learning Sector
CCTV Operator Training
BTEC Level 2 Award in CCTV Operations
Security Guard Training
BTEC Level 2 Award in Security Guarding
SCPLH Training
Scottish Certificate For Personal Licence Holder
First Aid At Work
HSE Approved First Aid Training Courses
Door Supervisor Training
BTEC Level 2 Award In Door Supervision


What are the types of courses offered by ILA Training?

ILA offers courses predominantly are in health & safety, SIA Security, Management and e learning however we also offer other courses to fulfil demand. SIA Security courses are currently not available online due to the nature of the subject and guided learning hours in place as set by the SIA and examination bodies. Each e learning course is a comprehensive online interactive learning experience. Our objective is to provide easy and productive learning in functional concepts, processes & related product training which will fulfil the learning needs of individuals and organisations throughout the country. ILA follows a product approach to courseware, which means that courses, where there are new trends and a large number of regulatory and process changes, are updated periodically such as SIA security Industry Authority regulations, HSE health and safety executive regulations. ILA has live feeds to receive updates from these authority and official examination bodies which are then passed on to our customers making ILA one of the most updated standards of training in current form.

How are the E Learning courses structured and is there a demo?

The ILA E Learning course design is dictated by the complexity of the subject and the objectives of that course. Most courses aim to deliver and test knowledge.

A typical structure includes:
Knowledge DeliveryThrough a structured Flash course, documents for study etc.
Knowledge AssessmentA test to gauge level of understanding. In most courses, this is an objective type test.
Learning AidsCalculators, Glossary, Additional links etc.
We also have partial demo courses, which are for demonstration purposes only and log in details are provided through a link, which can be activated by ILA staff with dedicated demo test instructions. You will need to sign up and provide email details for logging into our system to be sent to your email address. We will not charge you for this until you are confident in your purchase and agree to authorise your E Learning course with ILA Training.

How do I sign up to a course with ILA ?

You will first need to register yourself on the site. A login ID & password will be sent to the email ID you've specified at the time of registration. Once you receive the same, you can login and choose the product that you want from the course catalogue and add it to your Shopping Cart. You have multiple payment options. Please also see the question What are the payment methods available to me? For further guidance on how to purchase a course and sign up with ILA.

Who writes these courses and why is the course I am looking for not available?

All our courses are developed by ILA in conjunction with examination bodies who are subject matter experts from related fields such as First Aid, Security such as SIA, Department of Transport, Food Safety such as FSA Food Standards Agency, Health and Safety such as HSE, Retail / Corporate Banking etc. The case studies and examples contained therein are based on their experiences in these subjects and are to the highest calibre as set by Ofqual the examination body regulator.

What are the benefits and who benefits from these ILA Training Courses?

All organisations that deal with security and health & safety would benefit from ILA training courses. Organisations can also sponsor these courses for their employees. Customers aspiring for careers in health & safety, security, management or those appearing for certifications in these domains would also find these courses helpful towards careers within these sectors. The financial services authority FSA is a regulated however ILA training courses are certified by examination bodies that are recognised throughout the world.

How do I search for a course?

You can search for a course by several ways using the navigation keys on the menu bar on any of our pages. Book now shows the courses available and Our Courses types of courses offered by ILA. This will enable you to locate a course easily based on the content. These courses are further classified in E Learning based on the target audience e.g. Core, Midlevel & Senior Level Executives or if they are required from a Compliance perspective. You can also search for a course using keywords in the Search box, which will be available in the coming months. ILA is always updating the website to fulfil customer needs and your input is important to ILA.

How can I view course content to see what is in a course that ILA delivers?

You can view course content by accessing a demo of the course. The demos are accessible without registration & login. For all other demos, you will need to register yourself on the ILA Training E learning system.

What are the payment methods available?

We offer online and offline payment options, both of which are explained below:

Online through ILA Training website
: If you want to pay via direct bank debit or credit card, you will be directed to a secure authorisation page (via a secure online payment gateway); after authorisation and payment, you will receive an e-mail confirmation which is a receipt of payment. You can then view the courses you have purchased in your account and can start accessing them throughout the ILA System.

If you wish to pay via cheque / DD, the following options are available to you: Cheques drawn in favour of "Learning Education Training Services LETS." can be deposited directly into major Banks with the account no available should payment be requested by cheque payment option. Please email ILA the order no. along with the payment details (cheque no., date, amount and Bank location deposited) to enable us to process your requirement.

Alternately, you can also mail the cheques to our contact address with the details of your order.
If you wish to pay directly through electronic Banking, please mention the order no. in your transaction narration & then email us the details of the electronic transfer (transaction ID) along with order no.
Name of Account : Learning Education Training Services
Account Details : Account No Available at payment gateway
Swift code:  Available at payment gateway.

ILA will email you with a confirmation; you can then login and start accessing your training courses.

Do ILA Training have any special offers or give discounts?

Yes ILA Training has special offers from time to time. These offers are for a limited time period only. In order for you to take advantage of these offers, your remittance should be received into our account before the end date of the campaign for the calculation offer to be valid. For instance the special offers and discount codes offered by ILA will only be offered until expiry date unless consumed and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or doubled or duplicated as per one per account held by customer with ILA.

How many courses can I buy, Is there a limit?

There is no limit on the number of courses you can purchase at any one given time with ILA. It is up to you as the customer to be able to absorb these courses to your pace and time frame. ILA recommends plenty of breaks in learning for the successful transfer of knowledge.

Where are ILA Training centres situated and how do I get there?

ILA has dedicated training centres situated in various cities throughout Scotland and better still the E Learning system is a global system which is online everyday every minute 24/7. ILA has learning facilities which are in collaboration with corporates, councils and colleges that deliver courses from time to time and venues which are strictly on a first come basis. Therefore it is advised to book early for a successful place in one of our guided learning hour centres throughout the city.

These venues are located centrally and advice on how to get there is given to customers should they request.
Security courses are run as to the SIA standard and further guidance can be found on the SIA website to answer all your security questions on licence and how to obtain a licence for security if you are thinking of considering a career in the Security industry. ILA does run bespoke training and accommodates all types of requests from corporate clients.

Health & Safety training courses are available in all major cities and again are delivered regularly to keep up with demand. ILA runs courses to meet this demand and course dates are regularly added in our Book Now section of the ILA website.

Please be assured that if our centres are fully booked then we do offer alternative venues in your city. These venues are available should a course become full in our training centres from time to time.

The venues are fully air conditioned and ILA make sure they are the same standard as our learning centres with facilities that make learning easy and in comfort.
Please contact our support department Mon to Fri on the number 0844 87 06 176 between the hours of 9am to 5pm.

Are there any facilities for disabled people?

Yes ILA provide help to disabled people and ILA takes great care to provide this service so our disabled customers learn with the comfort that they are in good hands at the facilities provided by ILA.

Do courses expire, Is there a timeline?

The ILA e-learning module Flash course has to be accessed and completed within 3 months from the date of purchase. However, you can access the other components such as Glossary, Assessment etc. for a period of 1 year from purchase date. Please note that the assessment can be attempted a maximum of 3 times. However it is generally completed within one year and extensions are provided should the learner become in a position where he cannot fulfil. ILA requires this to be sanctioned in writing prior to the event expiry date. ILA will accommodate as much as possible all our student needs.

How many times can I access the ILA online E Learning module?

You can access and view the complete e-learning module only once. The Learning aids can be accessed multiple times except for the assessment which can be taken maximum three times only.

Can I complete the E learning ILA course in one sitting?

No, you need not complete the course in one sitting. If you discontinue the course midway, your location in the course is recorded (bookmark) when you exit the course. The next time you login, the course will start from where you left off. However, please ensure that the Flash course is completed within 3 months from date of purchase.

Can I get a refund should I change my mind?

Yes refunds are available however please read the ILA terms and conditions which are available on our website named T&C listed after our Faqs questions. The E Learning refund is stricter as if the service is delivered then it is consumed and no refund can be delivered due to the nature of the delivery method. ILA always makes sure that our customers are happy and aim to refund monies promptly where terms and conditions are fulfilled.

Can I access the ILA e learning course from anywhere?

Yes, you can access a course from anywhere via the Internet e.g. your residence, office, from Internet coffee shops etc. Please ensure that you do not save your login and password details on a shared machine. You will need a broadband internet connection to access the course. ILA is not responsible should your data become corrupt from third party computer viruses. ILA recommends using a good virus checker system to protect your privacy and personnel data when accessing your course material from internet cafes.

Can I change courses as per to my companies requirements, deliver tailored bespoke courses with ILA?

Yes, we do customise courses to meet specific client needs as per your companys financial and business parameters. The courses can be delivered using a proprietary Learning Management System (LMS) or classic learning.
Customisation can be done at 2 levels:
An existing ILA Training product where your organisation wishes to add specific custom content.

A custom courseware totally created based on content provided by your organization.
Do note that ILA Training specialises in Health & Safety courses and all courses can be incorporated with your company to deliver the best end product to your employees.

Can we or I provide ILA with our own course content for the E Learning?
Yes, we can use the content provided by you to develop customized e-learning courses at ILA. Write to ILA and we will be happy to understand your requirements and help provide a learning solution for your needs.

Can I purchase courses for my employees?

Yes, you can purchase multiple courses for multiple employees with the ILA System. ILA has a unique functionality that allows immediate access to our courses for as many of your employees as you wish. ILA has a process for purchasing our courses through this type of order.

On clearance of payment, we will create separate logins for each user and assign the course/s to that login. The login id passwords will be emailed individually to the users and a consolidated e-mail will be sent to the Corporate User.

The ILA System will provide feedback for the courses by email and this will be sent to individual users or to the training coordinator periodically. ILA provides comprehensive support and material as set by the examination body that ILA complies to, ILA also makes sure that all regulations are met and the end user is fully up to date with the requirements of the nature of qualification required within ILA learning processes.

What type of training materials do you give?

ILA has several modes of delivery that span across systems such as electronic, classroom and print media. ILA has main core offering in e-learning courses which provide in-depth training in the specialised areas of Health & Safety. ILA mobile learning is also used where effective & applicable e.g. assessments, podcasts etc.ILA will provide hard copies of literature used in our learning guided hours classroom sessions.

What type of security courses does ILA provide?

ILA provides all SIA security courses such as CCTV Level 2 PSS, Door Supervisor and Security Guarding etc. The qualifications are sufficient should you pass to apply for a security licence that will enable you to work in the security industry. ILA also has from time to time vacancies advertised for employment with the security sector through our affiliates. Please contact ILA on 0844 87 06 176 for further information on SIA Security Industry Authority Courses.

I already have a LMS can I purchase and install ILA course content onto my system?

ILA does not offer the facility of purchasing and installing our courses on your LMS. However you can integrate your system with our LMS. Our LMS hosting support allows an organisation to deliver all of its courseware through the internet. ILA LMS is one of the best systems to use in this field and all our customers are happy with its services to date.

Where can I get a quote for a bespoke course, classroom session, workshop?

You can write in to ILA Training or telephone on 0844 87 06 176 with your requirements and we will get in touch with you to discuss the same and provide you with the best solution.

How long does the training take to deliver?

ILA Training courses can typically take from 60 Minutes to 7 Hours, it really depends on the type of learning you require. ILA can customise and deliver courses to your specification and needs. ILA has also guide lines that are set by awarding bodies and these regulations must be adhered to at all times.

How do I find the price of a course, what does the deposit and online price mean?

You can find the price of a course on the book now button on the menu bar at the top of our page. The online price is a special rate for online customers should they book online and the deposit is also available should customers wish to pay in instalments before the course start date.

ILA bespoke courses are a customisable solution and prices vary, please contact our team on 0844 87 06 176 for further details.

Thank You ILA Team


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