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Food Hygiene and Safety Training

The Ila Training Center Glasgow suggests from legislation from Health & Safety Law that Current food hygiene legislation requires that food operators must ensure that food handlers are supervised and instructed and/or trained in food hygiene, appropriate to their work activity.

 A food handler is any person involved in a food business who, handles or prepares food whether open, unwrapped or packaged. It also includes people who handle drinks and ice.

The level of training needed for food handlers differs depending on the individual job and the type of food being handled.

Staff preparing and handling 'high risk' foods (such as unwrapped cooked meats, rice and prepared sandwich fillings) require more training than those handling 'low risk' foods (such as dried and tinned foods, raw fruit and vegetables). Adequate supervision of staff must be given during the course of their work.

More information is available on the Food Standards Agency website.

Guidance on how proprietors comply with this requirement

All Food Handlers Before allowing any food handlers to start work for the first time, they must receive verbal or written instructions regarding the Essentials of Food Hygiene at Work.

To ensure that a food business operates in accordance with these rules, it is also recommended that all other staff in the business are familiar with these rules, including cleaners and visitors. Food Handlers that Prepare Open 'High Risk' Foods Typically undertaken by Commis chefs, cooks, catering supervisors, kitchen assistants and bar staff who prepare food.

An awareness of the Essentials of Food Hygiene must be gained before starting work for the first time, with further training for those who handle low risk foods within four weeks of starting and formal training within three months of starting work.

Training is approximately six hours for the complete course and is commonly known as 'Level 2 Award in Food Safety In Catering'.

The refresher course involves approximately three hours self-study at home or in your workplace, followed by a two hour session held at the Ila training Offices (one hour for revision and one hour for the examination).

Where can I take a Food Hygiene Training Course and how do I reserve a place?

The Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering training is available to attend at: Ila Training Center Glasgow Scotland

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Food Hygiene & Safety Course

The Food Safety Level 2 Certificate
Course Contents contains the following:
  • food poisoning micro-organisms types and sources
  • simple microbiology, toxins, spores, growth and death
  • premises and equipment
  • common food hazards - physical, chemical and microbiological
  • personal hygiene - basic rules and responsibilities
  • preventing food contamination
  • food poisoning, symptoms and causes
  • cleaning and disinfection
  • legal obligations
  • pest control and
  • effective temperature control of food e.g. storage, thawing, reheating and cooking.

E Learning Food Safety Level 2
ILA Food Safety Online Certificate

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Health and Safety Qualifications

With the constant changes within health and safety legislation, it has never been more important to ensure compliance in this field. Contravening this legislation can result in prosecution (with the possibility of an unlimited fine or even imprisonment).

All employers are required to have the correct systems in place to ensure a healthy and safe working environment for employees and any other people who may be affected by their business activities. Through achievement of one of our Health and Safety qualifications employees will develop the right knowledge and attitude to contribute to an organisation remaining compliant.

Legal Compliance

The suite of Health and Safety qualifications has been created to assist your business in complying with legal requirements by demonstrating that your staff members have been trained in preventative approaches to hazards and promoting a positive health and safety culture. They are also designed to ensure that all employees are aware of their own responsibilities and how they contribute to the effective maintenance of health and safety policies.

Qualification Levels

There are a total of 4 levels of Health and Safety qualifications. The purpose of each level is as follows:

Level 1 - ensures that candidates are equipped with a basic knowledge of health and safety in their workplace, including the duties under UK health and safety legislation.

Level 2 - provides candidates with knowledge of practices that are essential in the workplace. This includes the hazards and risks presented in the workplace along with the relevant legislation, and ensures awareness of cost-effective, practical control methods.

Level 3 - equips staff to manage the effects of accidents and incidents. It also focuses on the importance of the health and safety culture of a business which is an invaluable resource to organisations.

Level 4 - this qualification is aimed at supervisors and managers with direct responsibility with Health and Safety management. This qualification focuses on the legal and moral obligations supervisors and managers have to ensure health and safety within a business. It also covers obligations to employees, contractors, visitors and suppliers.

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